Big Fish is thrilled to announce that it has successfully attained SafeRec Umbrella accreditation to enhance its compliance capability and service offering.

Our agency partners’ reputation and financial integrity are always a priority for Big Fish and are a major reason we have pushed to secure SafeRec accreditation. Complementing our Professional Passport accreditation, SafeRec provides our agency partners with a transparent and independently audited payroll proposition.

The information and reporting that SafeRec delivers will provide our agency partners with a level of detail and insight beyond anything we’ve seen before.

With the risks posed to employment businesses by non-compliance in the supply chain, SafeRec Umbrella accreditation positions Big Fish at the forefront of compliant and transparent payroll operations.

What does Big Fish’s SafeRec accreditation deliver?

SafeRec is an independent piece of AI software that conducts real-time audits of every payroll process and payslip generated by Big Fish. SafeRec addresses the issues of due diligence, compliance and transparency by providing the following:

  • An independent review of Big Fish’s payroll operations, systems, processes and contracts to ensure compliance with UK tax and employment law.
  • Real-time payroll and payslip auditing through API integration with Big Fish’s payroll software. Every Big Fish payslip is reviewed at source to check and confirm accordance with PAYE rules. All deductions are also cross-referenced with payments made to HMRC.
  • Agency partner and end-client reporting on all contractors and their payslips. Generated independently by SafeRec, regular payslip audit reports provide detailed data to confirm payroll compliance and provide an audit trail and history for future reference.

With SafeRec umbrella company certification, Big Fish provides another added level of protection and security to our agencies and their end clients. We remove the risks associated with non-compliance and provide the peace of mind you need from an umbrella provider.

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