Complaints procedure

We treat complaints regarding our work, staff, and service levels seriously. If a worker is dissatisfied, we advise them to follow the formal complaint process outlined below.

What we can and can’t handle:
We address complaints relating to Big Fish Group work, staff, and service levels. We don’t handle complaints about generic treatment from HMRC, Banks, or companies not under a service agreement with Big Fish Group.

How to make a complaint:
Ideally, we advise the worker to outline details of their complaints by emailing this directly to Our Contractor Support Team who is led by Donna Lloyd will personally be made aware of this. Donna has over 22 years experience within the umbrella sector and so there is nothing from a knowledge perspective she will be unsure of. Behind the scenes Donna is expanding and upskilling her team imparting her many years of expert knowledge, which has proven to be a real asset to the business.

Information we need:
Include full name, company details, a detailed complaint description, preferred resolution, and contact information.

What happens next:
Upon receiving the complaint, we’ll log and investigate it promptly, aiming for resolution within 4 working hours with immediate acknowledgement of the complaint being made.

Our Account management team will be made aware of the initial complaint so that they can update the relevant consultant ensuring we take a joined up approach, our ethos to support you as our agency partner is always “be proactive rather than reactive” . Both Kerry & Amy want to be made aware of any/ all complaints as they pride themselves on leading from the front taking a “hands on approach” and ensuring the team consistently deliver the high level of expectations that they set from day 1 of launching the business.

  • Our complaints process:
  • Stage 1 – Frontline Resolution:
  • Quickly resolves straightforward complaints.
  • Aimed at completion within 2 working hours.
  • Handled by our Contractor Support Team.
  • If unresolved, options will be discussed with you.
  • Stage 2 – Investigation:
  • Deals with unresolved cases, repeat complaints, complex issues, or incorrect advice.
  • Handled by Head of Operations or a member of our senior Leadership Team
  • Acknowledges receipt within 2 workings hours.
  • Provides a full response within 48 hours.

All complaints are logged & reviewed by the senior management team on a Monday without fail so that we can work more collaboratively, identify if there are any training issues and look to improve as a business to prevent a repeat occurrence if inside of our control.