Agency FAQs

Whether it’s understanding your risks when taking on contractors or getting a clear idea of how your contractors are paid, there are always questions that need answering.

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Here are just a few that we get asked on a regular basis.

You must know who the umbrella suppliers are within your supply chain.

You and your clients should also be confident in the compliance of your suppliers’ operations and processes.

If the umbrella companies within your supply chain are involved in fraud or tax evasion, then not only can your contractors be at risk, but you and your end clients may be at risk too.

Big Fish Group is a compliant and independently accredited and audited umbrella company, and we put the interests and reputation of our agency partners first.

If you have any concerns about risk within your contractor supply chain, get in touch, and we’ll help with whatever we can.

As soon as we have received an authorised timesheet from your contractor, we make same-day payments to ensure that your contractor gets their money as soon as possible.

At Big Fish Group, flexibility is key to everything we do. We’ll always do whatever it takes to ensure your contractors are paid and happy.

Umbrella companies usually retain a margin from the amounts paid to them by the agency. This margin covers the overheads and costs associated with providing employment and payroll service.

It depends on your contractor’s employment status.

If your contractor is employed through our umbrella PAYE service, then all of their income will be subject to tax and national insurance. Big Fish Group will calculate and make the deductions before paying the contractor their net earnings.

If your contractor provides their services via a limited company, tax and NI will be deducted depending on whether their assignment is inside or outside IR35.

If your contractor works in the construction industry and is genuinely self-employed, their income will be paid gross and in line with the Construction Industry Scheme (CIS).

Contractors employed through our umbrella PAYE service automatically qualify for holiday pay and other statutory benefits.

Contractors that provide their services via a limited company or through the CIS scheme are responsible for their own holiday, maternity and sick pay.