Agency Services

Whatever route your contractors or end clients want to take, we can support them and protect you

Umbrella PAYE

Our Umbrella PAYE service is a straightforward contractor payroll option where we manage your contractor's pay and deductions in line with the PAYE scheme.

For many of your end clients, this is their preferred or only option they will consider to minimise the risk of engaging contractors.

At Big Fish Group, our umbrella PAYE payroll service offers you the security and certainty that your contractors’ income is treated compliantly and correctly for income tax and national insurance.

As employees of Big Fish Group, your contractors automatically qualify for statutory employment rights such as pension contributions, holiday pay, statutory sick pay, and statutory maternity and paternity leave and pay.

Big Fish Group offers a simple and speedy response

We get your contractors registered and ready to pay in a matter of minutes, and we’re available 24/7. We pay your contractors on a same-day basis and provide simple payslips that give a detailed and transparent breakdown of all deductions from their income.

Our timesheet and payroll systems are simple, easy to integrate and take the lion’s share of administration away from you.

Just point your contractors in our direction, and Big Fish Group will do the rest.

Limited Companies

Our limited company accountancy service supports contractors who provide their services through a limited company or personal service company (PSC).

Our team of accountants can help you and your clients navigate the off-payroll working rules (IR35). We can help to ensure that contractors have their employment status correctly determined, and the subsequent taxes paid correctly.

We’ll partner with you to ensure that neither your contractors, clients, nor you are at risk due to failing to meet legislative requirements.
Providing as much or as little support as you need, we guarantee there’ll always be someone from Big Fish Group to assist you when you need it.

Have you got a contractor that wants to work through their own Limited Company?

Contact us on 01925 989800 or request a callback and we’ll get straight back to you.


Our Construction Industry Scheme (CIS) payment solution allows us to assess your contractors’ employment status and determine whether it is the correct and compliant solution for them.

If it is, our team will ensure they get paid correctly and promptly every time.

Registration is quick and straightforward, and we’ll correspond with you every step of the way to ensure you’re fully informed.

Have you got a contractor that wants to work through the Construction Industry Scheme?  Contact us on 01925 989800 or request a callback and we’ll get straight back to you.