You won’t be surprised to hear our Big Fish family shouting from the rooftops about how people matter.

Whether it’s our team, our clients or our contractors, providing support, advice and service to our people is what we’re all about. However, we’re all different and want or need different things.

So, how do we ensure we provide the service our people want?

Giving contractors what they need.

Let’s take our contractors as an example.

At Big Fish, contractors are our family, our lifeblood. Without contractors, there’d be no Big Fish. So, when we consider our contractors, we consider what essentials we need to put in place at a minimum. As a family, we’d expect someone you can trust, someone who is reliable, protects you, and makes life a little bit easier.

That’s the way we approach our business and our contractors.

In the words of a Big Fish contractor.

At Big Fish, we’re proud of our business, our people, and what we represent. But don’t take it from us.

Here’s what one of our contractors has to say.
“I have been in Revenues for 20 years plus & used umbrella companies for many of these years. Big Fish are by far the best and easiest to deal with. The customer service is amazing Susan, Donna, Natalie & Clare just to name a few.
It is very easy to get started and in all these years I have never once been paid late or had any issues.
They go above and beyond to make everything quick, easy & simple”.



At Big Fish, we work with contractors to give them everything they need to be successful.

If you’re looking for an umbrella that you can trust, that is reliable, that supports and protects you and makes life simple and easy for you, contact us.
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