At the beginning of June this year, the government opened a consultation on proposals for regulation in the umbrella company market. The consultation, which closes on the 29th of August, follows a call for evidence on the umbrella company market and has three main objectives:

  • To deliver improved outcomes for workers (contractors).
  • To support a level playing field in the umbrella company market.
  • To protect taxpayers from the significant revenue losses that currently arise from non-compliance.

What it all means is that contractors that utilise umbrella companies’ services in the future will likely benefit from better protection and tighter regulation of umbrella company practices.

Umbrella consultation paper prompts guidance updates

Following the closure of the original call for evidence in February 2022, the government has already updated several guidance notes on its Gov.UK website.

Contractors seeking support and information on working through an umbrella company can access guidance notes at

You can also read updated guidance on key information documents (KIDs) at

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